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LUXPOL FLAGS – it is hard to imagine an event without the fluttering of flags. Decorative textiles, flag boards and event kits are an excellent way to make surroundings or parties attractive. Nowadays, poles with streaming flags located in front of a company's office or branch are standard and constitute an essential part o the image of any major company. This type of advertising has become common and it is an effective way of raising a company’s prestige. We offer national, city and club flags, alu and wing winders, telescopic folding flagpoles and irregular shaped flags.


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Flags are printed using a Konica Minolta Nassenger PRO 60. We are the only users of this carefully selected printing technology in Poland.


Our mission is to provide easy access for customers to the widest product range possible and leadership in European markets.

Examples of realizations...

Hanging flags

Printed on a special material.


Strong and durable structure.

Standing flags

We ensure colour fastness.

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